Sponsorship and Charities

We support lots of great causes in the community - here are just a few

Staffordshire Dog Training

Johnson’s are proud sponsors of South Staffordshire Dog Training and Beacon Agility Dog Training Club.

South Staffordshire Dog Training are based in Shenstone. They offer a wide range of services ranging from puppy training and ringcraft classes to Therapets – taking dogs to visit the elderly in local care homes.

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Beacon Dog Agility

Beacon Agility Dog Training Club was established in 1985.

Johnson’s have been sponsoring Beacon for over 10 years and the contributions enable the club to keep it’s agility equipment up to date. Beacon Club was formed by former members of P.E.E.L. (now registered as Packington) Jan Webb, Tony Stackhouse, Dave and Pauline Powell & Brenda MacHale.

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They wanted to compete in Crufts team events. PEEL was not registered at the time so they started their own Club nearer to home Beacon was chosen as the name because of the proximity to Barr Beacon.
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