Vitacoat Grooming Aids (Click Image for Large View)

1. Bleau-Fonce
Pearly-blue cream shampoo especially prepared to enhance the brilliance of white coats. For white dogs.
VC103 250ml VC105 5 Litre

11. Diamond Eye
For the removal of tear stains from around eyes and other parts of the coat.
VC001 250ml VC002 5 litre
2. Marron
Pearly-brown cream shampoo for brown & apricot coats.
VC118 250ml VC120 5 litre

12. Tangleout
Aerosol spray to aid the removal of knots from the coat.
VC402 250ml
3. Allcoat
An all purpose cleansing shampoo, suitable for all breeds and salon use.
VC113 250ml VC115 5 litre

13. Lustercoat
Aerosol spray finishing shine for dull coats. Suitable for all coats.
VC401 250ml
4. Charbon
A unique low lather shampoo, alkaline free leaving coats glossy and free from residue. Recommended for black and short harsh
coated breeds.
VC128 250ml VC130 5 litre

14. Lemoneg
Multipurpose creamy lemon shampoo suitable for all breeds.
VC133 250ml VC135 5 litre
5. Hyaline
Mild puppy shampoo.
VC148 250ml VC150 5 litre

15. Tea Tree Oil
Luxury shampoo for dogs with itchy skin.
VC208 250ml VC210 5 litre
6. Yorksheen
Shampoo for Yorkshire Terriers, mild for frequent washing.
VC138 250ml VC140 5 litre

16. Unity Shampoo
Two in one shampoo with herbal conditioner.
VC158 250ml VC160 5 litre
7. Antiscurf
Exclusive scurf removing shampoo recommended for all breeds who have harsh or dry skins.
VC163 250ml VC165 5 litre

17. Stonewall Shampoo
A Citronella flea repellent shampoo.
VC168 250ml VC170 5 litre
8. Vitatone
A quality tangle removing after shampoo conditioner for dry and brittle coats.
VC313 250ml VC315 5 litre

18. Restore
Luxury conditioner, restores natural oils.
VC323 250ml VC324 5 litre
9. Satin Cream Rinse
Used after shampooing, this conditioner helps to leave the coat tangle free.
VC308 250ml VC310 5 litre

19. Dis ‘n’ Tangle
A lotion to rid the coat of knots, may be used on dry or wet coats.
VC303 250ml
10. Cat & Kitten Shampoo
Especially formulated for cleansing the coat.
Perfume free.
VC603 250ml
  20. Gold Seal
An all purpose cleansing shampoo, suitable for all breeds and salon use.
VC100 5 litre