Medicines etc (Click an Image for Large View)

Garlic Tablets Natural herbal conditioner
and internal cleanser for dogs and cats.

A007 40 tablets
A008 200 tablets
Diarrhoea Tablets For dogs and cats over
12 weeks of age. Aids relief of symptoms of mild diarrhoea.

A009 12 tablets

Calcium TabletsWith phosphorus and vitamin D. Chocolate flavoured for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Invaluable for growing and lactating pets.

A010 40 tablets
Travel-Eze TabletsNatural herbal product.
Reduces the effect of vehicle motion and so helps dogs and cats to travel.

A011 24 tablets

Ear Drops Contains natural Pyrethrum to kill ear mites. Also softens wax, soothes irritation and assists healing. For dogs and cats.

A014 15ml
Skin-EzeA traditional, soothing sulphur cream with other natural ingredients. Aids relief of minor skin affections in dogs, cats,
small animals and cage birds. Gentle, readily absorbed and easy to apply. For dogs and cats.

A015 50g

Ear Cleanser For regular cleaning of the ears. Softens and aids removal of wax and other debris from ear canal. Antibacterial. For dogs and cats.

A016 18ml
A026 40ml
Sweet Breath Tablets Fresh mint flavour.
Helps control breath and body odours in dogs and cats.

A017 30 Tablets

Hairball Remedy A tasty malt-flavoured paste to aid the elimination and prevention of hairballs in cats and kittens.

A018 50g Pump Tube
Bitch Spray Protects bitches in season by discouraging the unwanted attention of dogs. May be used in conjunction with Bitch & Deodorant Tablets.

A020 150ml aerosol

Tea Tree Skin Cream Antiseptic, soothing and
promotes natural healing - for dogs and other pets.

A021 50g

Bitch & Deodorant TabletsFor bitches in season.
Also for general breath and
body odours.

A022 40 tablets

Tea Tree Skin Calm With Aloe Vera. Soothes and calms skin irritations.
Antiseptic, anti-fungal and
promotes natural healing.
For dogs.

A023 150ml pump spray
Puppy & Trainer A useful aid for house training puppies. Ideal to use with Clean ‘n’ Safe House Training Pads.

A025 150ml aerosol

4joints Extra Strengh TabletsExtra strength nutritional supplement for the maintenance of flexibility and joint mobility. Contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Omega 3, Green Lipped Mussel and a range of vitamins to offer older cats and dogs a better quality of life.

A033 30 capsules
4jointsFor the maintenance of flexibility and joint mobility.
A natural nutritional supplement containing Glucosamine, MSM & Chondroitin for healthy joint function.


Diamond EyesUnique tear stain remover and facial cleanser, safely cleans beneath and around the eyes, and helps to prevent tear stains. For dogs, cats and small animals.

A036 125ml
A037 250ml
Anti-Scratch SpraySoothes itching from hot spots, irritated skin, flea bites etc. For dogs and cats.

A038 100ml pump spray

Toothpaste Triple ActionFor cats and dogs. Protects gums, cleans teeth and freshens breath.

A039 50g pump tube
Evening Primrose Oil Natural dietary supplement & conditioner. Promotes healthy coat and skin. Helps dry skin, scurf & irritations. For dogs and cats.

60 capsules

Calm-Eze TabletsA natural dietary supplement. Helps calm & soothe nervous & hyperactive pets. Ideal for
times of stress caused by
thunderstorms, fireworks & travel. For dogs and cats.

A044 36 capsules
Antibacterial Wound PowderDry dressing for abrasions and minor wounds. Antiseptic, soothing and promotes natural healing – for dogs, cats and other pets.

A046 20g

Toothbrush,New easy to use design, Helps clean plaque and tartar build up and Promotes fresh breath.

Anti-PlaqueHelps to prevent plaque and tartar build-up, promotes fresh breath. Add to pet's drinking water

A065 250ml

Cod Liver Oil Capsules A natural conditioner and dietary supplement which provides vitamins A, D and E. For dogs, cats, cage birds, pigeons etc.

S020 40 capsules
S019 170 capsules
S021 800 capsules
Salmon OilProduced from sustainably sourced farmed Atlantic Salmon. Salmon Oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which provide important nutritional benefits for dogs and cats and assists healthy growth and development of puppies and kittens.