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Poultry TonicFor the birds. A multi-vitamin and mineral conditioning liquid to aid good health and vitality.

R050 500ml
R051 250ml
AVC Conditioner For birds. Apple Cider Vinegar. A traditional natural remedy to help maintain good health, condition and good egg laying. Also a traditional deterrent to worms.


Poultry Housing Spray For the coops. HSE approved licensed product to kill mites, lice, fleas, larvae and other insects. Protects for several months against re-infestation.

Poultry Mite & Lice Powder For use on birds and also on coops. Natural organic diatomaceous earth powder, works by causing the insects to dehydrate. Safe to be used on laying chickens.

R060 250g

Virenza Poultry Disinfectant For coops and surroundings. Broad spectrum virucidal all purpose disinfectant and cleaner (effective against Avian Influenza H5NI and H7NI). Ready to use.

R054 500ml Trigger
R055 5 litre

Poultry Scaly Cream For birds. A soothing cream to help relieve the symptoms of Scaly Leg in Poultry

R064 50g

Anti-Pek Pump Spray For birds. Effective aid to prevent feather plucking and self harm.

R062 100ml
Poultry Antibacterial Powder For birds. Antibacterial dry dressing for minor wounds, scratches and abrasions.

R058 20g

Poultry Corn 'n' Grit Treat Healthy treat to aid digestion.

R066 270g