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Cage Bird Tonic Reformulated, new improved Cage Bird Tonic, to promote and maintain good health.

M002 100ml
M003 500ml
Moultone Moulting Tonic A special tonic for birds in the moult. Helps to restore vitality, aids feathering and promotes lovely plumage.

15ml Bottle

Vit-Min DropsEssential daily multi-vitamin supplement, promotes & maintains good health & resistance to ailments in all cage birds. Particularly beneficial for poor condition or recovering from illness & before & during breeding.

M016 100ml
Avol MixtureAn aid to help relieve loose
bowel movement in cage birds.

M025 15ml Bottle

Anti-Pek Pump Spray An effective aid to help prevent feather plucking and self harm.

M039 100ml Pump Spray
Anti-Mite Insect PowderContaining Permethrin, which kills red mite, lice and other common external parasites and gives lasting protection against infestation.

M047 85g powder

Anti-Mite (Extra)A water based pump spray.
Kills redmite, northern mite, lice & other common external parasites. Suitable for direct use on cage birds and pigeons.
Contains permethrin for lasting protection.

M044 150ml Pump Spray
Scaly LotionKills mites which cause scaly face and scaly leg. In dropper bottle. Gentle soothing and non-staining.

M050 15ml Dropper

Clean ‘n’ Safe for Cage Birds Disinfectant, cleaner &
deodorant. Kills bacteria and viruses where birds live, sleep and feed - cages, aviaries, drinkers, feeding bowls and all surfaces.

M075 500ml Trigger Spray
Super PlumeNew ready to use pump spray. Enhances and beautifies natural sheen of plumage, containing tea tree oil and aloe vera with anti bacterial properties to clean, deter mites and soothe irritations.

M062 150ml Pump Spray

Large-sized Sanded
Perch Covers for Cockatiels, Parrots etc.
Special fine texture - helps keep nails trim and clean. Fit 3/4” (1.9cm) diameter perches.

M081 Packet of 4
Sanded Perch Covers
for Budgies, Canaries etc.
Special fine texture - helps keep nails trim and clean.

M080 Packet of 4

Rid-Mite Aerosol Insect SprayContaining a natural bio-degradable Pyrethrum insecticide, kills red mite, northern mite, lice and other common external parasites. Suitable for direct use on birds as well as cages, aviaries and loft surfaces.

M053 150ml

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